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The meaning of what I drew

I drew the runes Eihwaz, Uruz, Mannaz, Teiwaz, Dagaz in that order. I have tryed to translate the runes and have only managed to work out, "thru two opposites cooporating". I know there is more and have a strong suspision this is a prophacy. Any one have some advice?

Re: The meaning of what I drew

Are you male or female?
Did you have a specific question or topic in mind when you drew them?
Were any of them reversed?

In general terms: (sorry I'm gonna have to use my names for them or I'll get confused)

Ehwaz (or Eihwaz) tends to refer to partnerships, relationship or marriage
Ur (or Uruz) refers to change or future obsticles
Mann (or Mannaz) refers to communication
Tyr (or Teiwaz can refer to legal matters or documentation, but can also refer to protection
and Dag (or Dagaz) refers to slow progress, delays or set backs.

Now assuming none of them were reversed and that the reading was regarding you or your future it suggests something to do with your employment, all the references to partnerships, relationships, communication and Tyr showing up that much seems clear. Without knowing more thats about as much as I can say.

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