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purchase question

I've been trying to get in touch with anyone who can answer a question about buying a rune guide from I've had no luck with email. I'm from the USA so calling is a last resort. I hope you guys can help me. Here is the message.

Hello. I've been doing some rune work recently and your guide has been amazing. I was wondering if the version that you have for sale as an ebook contains the same format/information as your pages on the first five funes. Here is a link to fehu to show what I'm looking for.

I would like to purchase the full set formatted as these are. Thanks!

Re: purchase question

I have not received any communications from you on any of my email addresses or from any onsite contact form. If I had, you would have received a response within a couple of days - I always answer email messages promptly. Whoever you have been emailing looking for this information, it was not me from any of my websites.

The format of the "Runes In Depth" article number 8 that you cite is available on the website for the first five runes only - Fehu, Uruz, Thurisaz, Ansuz and Raido. The planned series of articles did not attract a worthwhile number of visitors and the series was therefore discontinued through lack of interest after Raido. I have no plans to revive the series.

The less detailed format appearing on the website under the generic heading Rune Meanings is available for all 24 runes on that website, as an ebook named The Rune Reminder and in my hard copy book Discovering Runes.

You can purchase The Rune Reminder at USD4.95 from any of the rune meanings pages. You can purchase Discovering Runes at Barnes & Noble, Borders and other reputable bookstores, from Amazon online, or you can acquire a signed first edition directly from me at The price of the signed first edition is a lot more than buying from other sources because it includes airmail shipping from England.

I hope that helps.

Re: purchase question

Thank you very much.

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