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Runic Tattoo

I had a very powerful dream some time ago in which a nordic/viking-like figure was instructing me in a chant: power,strength,wisdom,courage. There was something cataclysmic about to happen, and every time I chanted this I felt more and more powerful and ready and able to deal with the coming event. I have never been involved in runic lore or norse religion, but since then have done a little research. I am now wanting to get a armband tattoo representing these four things but haven't been able to quite find what I'm looking for. Can anyone help me out there?

Re: Runic Tattoo

If you care to visit some of the websites linked at the bottom of this page you will find all kinds of advice and information about runic tattoos.

There is even a transcription service for transcribing English words and phrases into runes on this page:

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