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is using ancient runes bad for a christian? I just want use it as a writing form for my book. When you write runes you write it from left to right? Also whe you make words for them do you write them connectionig or do you leave space between the ruines? Total newbie discovered it today.

Re: confused

Runes are non-religious. They are used by christians and non-christians alike.

You can learn all about their use and format from my articles on My latest book Discovering Runes devotes an entire chapter to the subject. It is available from the main Runemaker website, Amazon, Borders, Barnes & Noble etc.

Re: confused

How do I get a signed copy of your book? Thanks for your help this sounds so intresting.

Re: confused

Like I said before you can order from the books page on the runemaker website. The URL is but I am out of stock currently. I expect to get some more copies in 2-3 weeks time if you care to order one.

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