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Rune casting cloth

I'm pretty new to runes and I've started to make my own set But I do have one question. What do some of you more experienced practitioners use for a casting cloth? Is it just a plain cloth, or did you create something special for your work?
Thanks for your input.

Re: Rune casting cloth

My cloth is plain, but I seldom use it. Most of my readings are spontaneous, and during those times I have only my runeset with me. What I do is form an imaginary cloth (based on my real one) on the ground and make my runecast. On the 'formal' ones, I would use my plain cloth with a simple design: one circle twelve inches in diameter with a dot in the middle. This is what works for me.

Read books and talk to other people to get some ideas on casting cloths and try them out. As you become more experienced, you will learn what works best for you -- you may even design your own cloth(s).

Know that the Runes speak to each of us in different ways. You will certainly learn from authors and others, but eventually the Runes will help you discover the unique way you communicate with each other. Perhaps you will be like Freya Aswynn and use have several cloths at your disposal for different questions/situations, or perhaps you won't use any at all. Perhaps you will design your own cloths, or perhaps you will find one or two in books that work very well for you. Whatever the result, it's all good. Know that trial and error will be part of the journey of learning the Runes, but enjoy this wonderful journey! Don't worry whether or not your are using the right or wrong cloth (or whether to use none at all). Follow your intuition, and the more experience you acquire, the better you'll be.


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