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Couple of quick questions...

Im about as new to the Runes as its possible to be...although ive already recognised they have the potential to be a very powerful tool.

Ok firstly, I know that when you select a rune and its back to front it can mean the opposite of the symbol, or that what it represents may take a while to make itself known, but what about if you select one from the bag and the symbol isnt facing you ie. the blank side of the stone is facing you? Don't quite know how to interpret that...

Secondly, what kinds of questions do you usually ask? At the moment ive just been using them in the morning as where to focus most of my energy for whatever day it might be. I want to delve deeper into what this tool has to offer.


Re: Couple of quick questions...

If you read the Rune Meanings pages on you will find plenty of guidance on interpretation.

You should note that "back to front" or mirror-image runes do not occur in divining situations, only in graphic representations. And in any case a mirror image does not effect the meaning of a rune. However a reverse rune (i.e. one which is drawn upside-down) also reverses the meaning of the rune. So Berkanan for example which represents growth would mean "lack of growth" or "reduction in stature" if drawn in the reverse aspect.

A rune drawn in the converse aspect (i.e. face down) has the same meaning but warns that this may be hidden or disguised.

All of the above is explained in detail on the Rune Meaning pages referred above. Methods for casting and posing questions are covered in the Rune Casting pages of the site.

You will also find the entire subject of interpretation covered in my little e-book The Rune Reminder available for sale in the footer of every page of at just US$4.95. As well as the guidance on interpretation my hard copy book Discovering Runes also covers questions and the way to pose them. The book is available for sale on my main site at, but don't wait too long, there are very few copies left.

Re: Couple of quick questions...

Thanks for clearing that up, much appreciated

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