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Eekk Confusion.!

Hello! very confused person here! I'm very new to this whole Rune thing! But Berkanan is appearing all the time! Whenever i do a reading its always in there! Sometimes reversed, sometimes not! Could this be a warning? Is there something i've missed here?
Would be very gratefull for any advice!

Re: Eekk Confusion.!

Heya Wanda.
Welcome to the whole rune thing. I'm fairly new to it too but I'll try and give a little advice anyway.
Berkanan is a rune of growth, healing, regeneration etc, if it comes up for you often I'd take that as a fairly good sign. If it comes up reversed maybe its trying to tell you that your present course is not beneficial or maybe a little stagnant.
Another things I've found with runes is that you need to have a specific question in mind. They don't do so well with vague just for the hell of it casts.

Re: Eekk Confusion.!

thanks for that!

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