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Positive use of nagative runes in bindrunes

Hey guys

Just been reading some of the other posts on the in depth discussions on rune origins combined with latin translations, time lines, history and its all way over my head. So I thought I'd ask something simple.
I was wondering about using runes perceived as negative such as Hagalaz, Nauthiz, Thurisaz, etc in bindrunes to a positive effect. Rather than just destroying something or freezing it (Isa) do they serve any other function in bindrune designs? And if not does just ignoring them (seeing as Thurisaz seems to come up a lot) work or do you need to somehow remove them in activation / empowerment?
See? Nice and simple.

Re: Positive use of nagative runes in bindrunes

Nagative runes huh? - note to self - spell check......

Re: Positive use of nagative runes in bindrunes

vey funny. I was imagining a bindrune to prevent harassment by mouthy wives . . . Hey, that's not a bad idea, it might be more effective than "Gordon Bennett! Give it a rest, woman!"

I hope you will get some thoughts from other regulars on this subject as I am not ready to reveal all my bindrune methods just yet. The knowledge will not be lost, I will pass it on before any clog-popping takes place, but I'm not quite ready to join the choir invisible for the moment.

In general I try to avoid negative runes in practical binds, but empowerment ritual can be used to minimize negative aspects and maximize practical application.

I wouldn't consider Naudiz to be totally negative. It is useful as an activator where there is an overwhelming desire to achieve an objective or to change an attitude. As you have noted that goes for Isa too. It can be empowered to produce a desired fixing effect in a case where stability or continuity is a prime requirement.

Runes like Hagalaz are unavoidable in personal bindrunes based on a person's initials, and here again one needs to be very specific in the empowerment rite to avoid any negative effect.

Re: Positive use of nagative runes in bindrunes

Hiya Bob
Thanks for the reply - but it seems your answers always lead to more questions!!!!! It was something you mentioned not so long ago too - an activator rune? What can I trade to get some illumination on that?? See? I'm living in the Pit and still curious. Odd. By the way just in case people haven't heard - your book is absolutely fantastic - really well worth all the hassle inflicted by international currency fluctuations, criminal elements, government departments (same thing) etc. So thank you very much for that.
Looking forward to hearing from you again.
Take care

Re: Positive use of nagative runes in bindrunes

Thanks for your nice comment about the book. Hope you don't mind if I use it as a quote on the website pour encourager les autres without your name or contact details of course.

An activator is a rune within a bind for the purpose of making the desired effect happen. The activator may be empowered to take the concept of the bind from the physical to the spiritual plane. Many runes can be used in this way. Most often one of the runes within a bind can be used by supplementary content in the empowerment ritual. Sometimes a bind might not contain a suitable rune and I will look for an 'accidental' rune to take on the duty. Very occasionally I might add a rune to the bind if I can't find one any other way.

As stated above I'm not prepared to go into a lot of detail beyond this just yet, but you can rest assured this knowledge - along with all my trade secrets - will not be lost. It will be passed on within my family in the same manner as it was given to me, or failing that it will be included in a future publication.

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