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Thoughts on this reading

Hi all would like a few other oppinions on a reading i did for myself on friday night here goes...
First rune cast was Fehu face down now i am self employed and money has been a bit tight this month as usual in jan for me although i find i get down to my last few pounds and get a big booking just before i run out.Have also had a week long bout of flu and one of my filling fell out just after the reading so money and health in reverse !
2nd rune cast was the blank Odin rune meaning it`s in the habds of the gods and not much i can do to change that i have not been ill for over 2 years so it was due .
3rd rune cast Gebo converse .Animosity from partners , only thing i can think of here is i am supposed to be getting a tax rebate of nearly £1000. due to overpayment.While my wife has just been hit by a 5 grand tax bill after her accountan informed her it would be 3 she has spent countless houre on the phone to the revenue usually with her in tears as she cn`t pay them..Hidden talents not sure what else i could fit in here really there is not much i can`t turn my taureen hand to ?
I usually draw one last rune as a closing and something to focus on in my day to day life.The rune i drew was Ingwaz Harmony,approval , unity,aggrement,love,peace

What are your thoughts on this reading ? as always i find it relates to whats been going on recently with myself

Re: Thoughts on this reading

hi mark try and Invocation of the rune Algiz, to protect yourself from any further troubles. This is the rune of the Valkyries and you can place them at the the four corners of the home to ward off ill luck and negative forces.

Good Hunting.

Re: Thoughts on this reading

Hi Glenn
What if it`s orlog though ? with the presence of the blank Odin rune means whatever happened was due to me.If i do an invocation to Algiz is it not for personal gain side stepping whats due ?
Or is that ok
Thanks for your thoughts

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