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Isa- the using of

If i was to use isa with other runes would their release be diminshed?
also, what would isa do to life around it on its own?

also, also,
I am writing a book and one of my characters has their future read. what do you think could be the worst posible casting if i was to ask the question, what will my future entail.

Re: Isa- the using of

Isa is commonly used in a bindrune or runescript to 'lock in' the other runes. One ancient ring I have has the 'secret' rune markings (3 long and 2 short lines and 2 long and 3 short lines) which would relate to the 2nd rune in the 3rd aettir and the 3rd rune in the 2nd aettir or Uruz and Isa. This is asking for strength or possibly stamina. Isa is 'freezing' in place the rune of Uruz.
By itself Isa could mean a freeze to a situation or protection from unwanted forces.

For your story I'd have to know more about the characters past to set up a 'reading' so it indicated his past, what his current situation was, but for his final rune perhaps using a reversed rune to show an unfavourable outcome would be best (Fehu for money loss, Othel for being left alone with no help, or Wunjo showing failure). This would probably satisfy most of your readers who have little or no understanding of runes.

Re: Isa- the using of

cool thanks

for my characters past, it would probably be somthing like a traveler who's father got killed by some dark magic weilding feind.
Present would be shes left with no one. Trying to find her place in the world around her.
Ill definatly use Othel as the future as it fits in with the rest of the story.

do you think that in medievil times someone would have been cast out of a tribe because of a casting?

Re: Isa- the using of

Whew, this really isn't easy but I think I may have a reading that will fulfill what you need. To incorporate a lot of information (and hopefully to follow the actions of your story) I'm going to propose a 5 rune cast. I'll be using the names of runes as I'm most familiar with and you should be able to know the ones I indicate. The form of the runes will be as follows in the cast 4--help
1--past 2--present 3--outcome(future)
Turn over 2 first, its Kenaz reversed showing an ending or loss that is upsetting you, next is 1, Othel reversed, the loss is of an older relative, one you depended on(your characters father), next is 4, Lagaz upright. She must rely on her intuition as this is the only help she will receive. 5 is Ansuz reversed, she will be surrounded by lies, trickery and deceit and lastly Mannaz reversed, she will have no help in the future, in fact a group of people will be working against her goals. The only positive in the cast is Lagaz, her own intuitive knowledge, her faith in herself to overcome those who stand in her way.
I hope this help, feel free to contact me e-mail (no attachments please) if you need anything further. I'm not a novice with runes, but far from a master of them but I think this basic cast will work for you. Good luck.

Re: Isa- the using of

thanks thats a real help.

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