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tips on making my own runes

Hi. I'm making a set of runes for myself from a nice windfallen branch I found in fort tryon park in NYC. I'm not sure what type of tree it came from, since there are several varieties out there, but it is a soft wood. I tested my pyrograph on a piece and it brands well. my question is in regards to finishing the runes.

firstly, what grades of sandpaper are ideal to get a smooth face for the rune? also, what makes a good sealant to protect my runes? I definitely don't want a glossy finish. any tips on how to finish my runes would be greatly appreciated.

Re: tips on making my own runes

I'd sudgest reading one or all of these's books

So far I've liked Rune Power by Thomas Meadows
though I must admin I'm still tring to get ahold of more books, ive only read a couple..

Re: tips on making my own runes

I have done one rune set for now and I did not know anything about their use - I just enjoyed to make them and to feel their power. But I am used to work with wood as material.
For the runes I used several sand papers, starting with 80 and 100 over 200 and 400 at the end for finishing.I used sandpaper for metal as well...
A word to the wood. I used but Yew Wood until now. Since this is a very hard and diffcult one to work with I guess it should be very easy to get along with this paper for your soft wood.
I didn't burn the runes, I carved them in the wood - and it was a pain and I lost some nerves and blood to finish them.
One heads up: Pay attention to the humidity in the wood. If you use wood that is not completely dried it can spoil your runes later. So I would suggest you keep that branch at a dry place before you start over if you haven't finished them already
If you dont like the glossy finish you can use oil. I used oil for my runes and I created it myself. for base oil you can use whatever you feel comfortable with it just should not smell and leave a white coat lateron.I used grapeseed oil and added several other oils (eo's) to it and herbs etc. So oil is a very good substitue for gloss and you can use it over and over again whenever you feel the runes need an extra boost of magick .
wishing you fun with your runes and success

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