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Hello Master Runemaker .

Would you be able to provide me with the runic sign of Gratitide through your Runic Transcription Service ?
Thank you ,

Malik .

Re: gratitude

Nope, that would cost a bit more than the transcription service. It's a practical bindrune, but I would supply the artwork rather than an amulet at the same price. Let me know if you want to do that.

But if you want to do it yourself and avoid giving me hard-earned cash it's a bind of Gebo, Wunjo and Raido - expressing joy for a gift. It needs empowering with Gebo in the receiving mode, Wunjo in the self aspect and Raido as the activation rune moving the energy from self to whoever or whatever.

I expect you are referring to the article "a walk in the woods" where I mention using the sign to thank the tree for a windfall branch. In that respect I will mark the ground with my gandr and intone the empowerment using a little pouch of goodies that I carry. Don't ask what goodies, that's a personal thing that you must develop for yourself.

Re: gratitude

Thank you for qiuck and generous answer .

To be honest , I am involved in a designing of pendant which has to do with gratitude .

I love Runes since the days of my childhood and wanted very much to include Runes in the design .

I would prefer to pay for your work and will be able to do it in a couple of days .Then I will let you know and ask you in what way you could send me a drawing or whatever it may be .

It is all of course in case you will agree to do so .

Please take notice that English isn't my native language and forgive me for the possible mistakes in writing .

Thank you , Malik .

Re: gratitude

I will deliver as a GIF file by email attachment within a couple of days.

You need to make sure your mailbox is able to accept attachments, and also make sure messages from will not be deleted as spam.

If this is for a personal amulet then the price for the artwork will be US$17.95. If it is a commercial amulet that you intend to sell in quantities then we will have to talk about it.

Re: gratitude

Hello , Master Runemaker .

Unfortunately for me i would have to call the design off .

The main reason is that there are optons given to wearing of our pendant . In few of the ptoins the Runic sign will be reversed , which is not really suitable .
Thanks for your help anyway , Malik .

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