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Protection spells and such in Rune. (transcribed)

Hi all! My names Mark and I've been trying to find a few basic protection and good health spells (even combat related since I'll be put in more danger here in the next few years,I'm in the service). Thats the first part of the problem,the second is that I'd like to have the spells transcribed and have the runes (spells) tattoo'd on to my body (prolly down my arm) so they will always be with me. But what I'm confused about is that I've read such runic spells already exist. But I have no idea where to look.

The main reason I'm interested in this is because one of the best men I knew in the Army (also a personal friend) had lines upon lines of Rune accross his back and down his arm. He told me they protected him and granted him power. He died about a month and a half ago in Iraq. He told me he would help me find some good spells and such when we got back but thats never gonna happen now I guess,not with him anyways.

Can anyone help me? I'd planned on using the websites transcribe'n service (the one you have to pay for) but I've no idea where to start.

Re: Protection spells and such in Rune. (transcribed)

i wan t you aid me to have runes word of power, that bring money wealth , love , protection from enemies. and you be my master in runes learning

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