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Newbie here looking for advice


I'm am very interested in runes and need some advice. I also have some questions about invoking bindrunes as you will see.

I've read alot about runes, I've memorized their basic meanings and have tried to meditate on some of them to further my understanding.

I've recently tried a bindrune to help me get through a difficult time. I have had to take on a second job to try and save some money before the arrival of my second child. burning the candle at both ends and working about 75 hours a week was a little exhausting. I attempted to invoke a bind rune combining Tiwaz and Uruz. I picked these two runes because I needed strength and energy to help me get through the sacrifice I was trying to make for the good of my children. I have always felt a very strong connection to the Tiwaz rune. I belive it is the rune most closly associated with fatherhood. Uruz seemed like the most logical choice as a source of strength and energy. I was hopeing that Tiwaz would be enough to control it.

Anyway as I said I attempted to invoke this bindrune. I belive I was sucessful, maybe too sucessful as I will explain.

After i invoked the rune I was filled with a very powerfull sence of energy. working my second job(which by the way is a very physical job as opposed to the desk job I've had for 6 years) became no problem. I began to sence something might not be right however when I noticed that the bindrune I had invoked was constantly in my thoughts. When I would close my eyes I would see it. Kind of scary for me. I began to wonder if I had done something wrong or the rune was too powerfull.

So anyway I've done some meditation on a few of the more feminine runes to try and conterbalance the effects this bindrune has had on me. Berkanan and Laguz to be specific. I think it has worked but I also feel that I have prematurly aged myself by a few years because if this expirence.

My main question is this. How much of an effect does the order you draw the runes have an effect on the finished bind rune. I think I may have made a mistke by drawing tiwaz first with uruz on top of it. More recent attempts to invoke this rune with uruz first and tiwaz on top of it have met with, shall I say more controlled results.

Also any advice on how to heal some of the damage I may have done to myself would be much appreciated.

Re: Newbie here looking for advice

WOW, thanks for all the helpfull advise guys. This fourm has been a great resource for me.

Just Kidding... seriously, anyone. Maybe even some advice on where to look for some reliable information on creating bindrunes. The internet is full of crap on the subject mostly. I've read alot of books about runes and felt I was ready to try it for meself but I suppose I need more study. Finding somekind of teacher is pretty much out since I have very little free time. Honestly I really wouldn't know where to look for that kind of thing. If anyone knows of any groups in Maryland I'd appreciate that as well.

Maybe in a few years when my kids grow up a bit I'll look into it more but untill then I suppose I'll just read all I can.

Re: Newbie here looking for advice


Am surprised you got no reply since your 2007 post. Hope things worked out. My answer, albeit 2-3 years after the question, is to start working now. Why wait to read more books? We all have to put the books down if we want to really get to know the runes (or any 'spiritual' system/technique). Learn as we experience.

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