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Runes and dreamworks?

is dreamworks a real word?

Sometimes i draw onw rune and place it under my pillow.

The next day i write in my rune "dreamworks" diary, my experience from that night and morning.

When i have done writing my experience (if any) i look at what rune it was, and write down the name.

Its verry interesting to read back on past dreams, and compare it to the rune.

I have made me a rune set (wood), but i do prefer the set Oswald made ;0)

Cheers, Morten

Re: Runes and dreamworks?

Thats very interesting, I may have to do something like that myself.. btw typicly a journal that you use to take down your dreams is called a book of mirrors, a book of mirrors is also used to record things like your feelings about a paticular thing youve done that day or feelings during a ritual,meditation, or prayer..

Re: Runes and dreamworks?

Is anyone here good at interpreting dreams? I've got some that have puzzled me for a while. Like the reoccuring visit from...the best I can describe her is a pale skinned, blonde haired girl... sort of resembles a vampire but she's not. I believe in the dreams I have had conversations (short ones) with her, but I can no longer remember them. I do believe I was told her name, which was something like Leol (Lee-ohl)or Lao or something like that. I don't understand this, or what it could mean.

It is hard to put into words the...effects these dreams have.

Anybody have any aid to my situation?

Re: Runes and dreamworks?

I dont know of a real good place but if you do a search on google for Dreams or Dreams interpretation I'm sure you can find something.. Personaly I think interpretating a dream is a personal thing. Your dreams are the connection of your unconscious mind and our conscious mind only you realy know what a little girl wearing white means to you, or what it means when you dream of flying.. Some things are going to be simular to other peoples interpretation of them, so a book or website on dreams would be a good place to start but in the end its up to you to explore your own mind and find the true meanings.

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