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The one rune that represents you.

Has anyone tried asking the runes, for the rune that fits in the rune that is in you?

i tried this and i got the same rune twice, it was isa. I read the meaning on this site and it said:

Ice, cold, freezing. Lack of change. Stagnation. Lack of emotion. Storing binding. Bridge across danger.

Thats why i did it twice cause i didn't like that!

Re: The one rune that represents you.

after further though...can someone tell me what this might mean. Is there any positive light in this rune at all and what does it say about me?

Re: The one rune that represents you.


There is a deeper meaning to the Rune Isa. Though the water may appear frozen there is still, oftern, motion below. (even the polar caps nave moving water beneath them.) This can relate to the subcouncious.

It could be that you have reached a point in your life where you need to stop and take stock, maybe you have faced a lot of challenged and changes over the past few years and the fates are saying 'hold fire', for a while. This is not always a bad thing and remember ice oftern thaws in the spring.


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