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Rune Stones in America

How come there is such a lack of study on the rune stones in America?

The Kensington Rune Stone has had a fair ammount of study, but rarely are these studies conducted scientifically or fairly. Scott Wolter and Richard Nielsen have published a fairly good book now that covers the 6 or 7 years they've been working on it. There are some flaws in some pieces but over all it is a good piece of work.

Living in the land that it was found in I've come into contact with several "Viking Researchers". And over the summer I've been working with a few of them on different subjects closely and sometimes not so closely related to this particular runestone. But I've now been shown how much more evidence there is to support the fact that there were Europeans living here far prior to Columbus. But there is no study on these artifacts.

There are runestones, the Kensington, the Heavener, the shawnee, the poteau, the spirit pond rune stones, there are some stones that only have arabic dates carved, there are some monument rocks, short inscriptions on mooring stones. There are over 400 mooring stones, not blasting stones. There are other stones with carvings in them such as horns and pictures relating to the norse. There are ancor stones, altar rocks, altar stones, axe heads, spear tips, firesteels, some other artifacts that are perculiar such as the "Ortonville oven", a stone oven supposedly used for forging, there are bones with carvings of runes on them, boat hooks, halberds, sukker-saks, and countless more objects that I will not put the effort into listing.

Very few know about these, I know a guy that has written very large books on the subject but won't publish for fear of people rejecting his work because the Kensington Rune Stone has been proven a fake...supposedly.

I don't understand why there are not studies being done on this subject. Through electro-magnetic sensing, which is a fancy way of saying dowsing, whole habitations have been found, thousands of them, there are remains of long houses in western Minnesota. There have been archeological digs on where ships were found through dowsing and pieces of petrified wood from them have been found.

If I did not live in this area of the world I would have never known this, my uncle did extensive work throughout his life on this subject. He found some ancor stones and other artifacts on the Ohman farm, these artifacts now sit at the Kensington Community center.

The men I know that are working with this are all elderly and very little is being recorded, no one will accept any work done on this subject because they have ready made conclusions on the subject made 60 years ago. Marion Dahm, who did infrared photography on habitations like the many in Douglas county died...about a month ago. 65 years he spent studying these subjects.

Orval Friedrich has published books, but you really have to know your stuff before reading them because much of it is wrong. He fixed somethings in later books.

Leland Pederson has written several very well made books, but he won't publish them.

The works by these researchers are not accepted by most and will not be taken seriously.

I attended a program about runes done by Concordia in Moorhead and even they are in error with somethings they teach about runes and Vikings.

The translations for what the Kensington Rune Stone says is greatly flawed, even at where the rune stone is currently held, even at the rune stone park, they stone does not use the english word "dead" it says ÞeÞ, which in the ancient swedish language means death. "Found ten men red with blood and death." not dead, it does not say "journey of exploration" it says journey of acquisition, scholars made it opdagelsefard, when it is really opÞagelsefarÞ.

And there is much more, but no one cares.

By who and when will this subject be taken seriously?

Re: Rune Stones in America

I personaly would love to learn more about rune stones in the states. I would realy like to see some but I know that I will probly never be able to travel to the european area.

Probly the bigist reason the study isnt taken seriously is because of the changes to american history that would have to be done. Once everyone thinks something has been "proven" they dont like to change there mind even if there is overwhelming facts for the opisition.

Re: Rune Stones in America

Quite true...

I'm still waiting on somebody to translate the spirit pond rune stones found in Maine. There's been really no study on those at all. Except by the few scholars that said because there are runes on it that were used on the Kensington Rune Stone that these stones in Maine are also a fake. Only one person has attempted to even translate it and she could only make a vague description of what it says.

All the runes and words on the KRS were used on the island of Gotland during the 14th century.

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Are you still coming to Alexandria in October?

Re: Rune Stones in America

Sorry Jade, I'm afraid not. My health is poor at the moment and my bank balance is little better. Maybe next year. BTW your rune set etc was shipped the other day.

Re: Rune Stones in America

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

Re: Rune Stones in America

OK, so I know this is not continuing the thread, but to put it elsewhere would have made no sense.

Runemaker, having just read that you are unwell it just seemed to be appropriate to wish you good health and "get well soon", ( the 'great' British tradition!)


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