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Thurisaz in a tattoo

Hi. I'm wondering if anyone can give me some advice. I have been considering getting a tattoo - Kauno Ihwaz Thurisaz, to spell out the name of my best friend. I was wondering if the meanings of the runes might be totally inapropriate though!

Re: Thurisaz in a tattoo

your friend's name is KYTH? Rather unusual.

I rarely use Thurisaz in practical bindrunes as it can lead to an element of chaos in the effect.

But what you are proposing is a name transcription and if it is just for decoration there is no need to carry out any empowerment rite on the tattoo. It will therefore simply be decoration with no magical powers.

Re: Thurisaz in a tattoo

Thanks for the reply. His name is actually keith... but when i put it in the rune translater that's what it gave it wrong? I like the way the runes look. I just hoped the meanings were ok.

Re: Thurisaz in a tattoo

All the rune translator programs I have seen are pretty useless. All they do is take the letters you put in and guess at the answer. The people who design them mostly have no idea about runes, their pronunciation, the rules of transcription re silent letters, dipthong vowels or anything like that. They don't even seem to know there's a difference between transcription and translation!

I'm afraid I don't have the time to give out free advice on specific matters in the Forum so if you need my help you will have to order a transcription from me, the service is available on this page:

But if you want to have a go at it yourself, just check out the articles I have written on this subject. You can find them through the Runemaker Group search engine, or look for articles on, www.runes.ino, or on the main website

Re: Thurisaz in a tattoo

Thanks for your help.

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