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I have read about Perth one interpretation which would be as revealed secret, but I can´t understand anyway this interpretation: if perth means a dice,then when upwards, the dices are thrown and THEN are known the numbers(which before were secret), but if the symbol is inverted I only can underdstand just the opposite: a hidding of the results, or a more deeper hidding of the secret.

Am I certain?

Re: Question to Runemaker

The true meaning of the word PERTH is in itself a bit of a mystery. There is some suggestion that it might mean a playing piece from a long-forgotten game, but there is no concrete evidence of that, just a similarity with an ancient Persian word for a chessman. That theory was advanced by Wilhelm Grimm in the early 19th Century.

I have never been altogether happy with that connection because it's pretty unlikely the Tuetonic users of runes were even aware of the game of chess. But I guess it's a possibility. I am no fan of Grimm or his politics, but I don't question his academic standing.

The modern idea is that Perth by it's shape represents a DICE CUP, not the dice themselves. In that light, I can understand the 'secret' concept; after all, the value of a throw would be unknown until the dice had left the cup.

Re: Question to Runemaker

Thanks for your answer.

Yes: I can understand the idea of secret when perth is upwards, but what could means regarding that secret if perth is inverted?

Re: Question to Runemaker

If you are using reverse meanings, then any rune appearing upside down has a reversed meaning. To my mind the opposite of secret would be 'common knowledge', or as we Brits would say, 'bleedin' obvious'

Re: Question to Runemaker


I think I didn´t expressed myself correctly, Sorry.

You said:

' In that light, I can understand the 'secret' concept; after all, the value of a throw would be unknown until the dice had left the cup.'

This would be the meaning of Perth upwards...When dices are thrown the secret is known; but I wonder that, if Perth is considered inverted, then, the dice won´t leave the cup and so the secret will remain unknown. Is this reasoning correct?

Re: Question to Runemaker

I think we are in danger here of taking the word that Perth represents too literally.

I don't suggest that the interpretation of the rune is linked to the physical action of shaking a die in a dice cup, or that the aspect of the rune on the field represents the position of a dice cup in an actual throw. I only suggest that the meaning is reversed. To me the opposite of 'secret' is 'common knowledge'.

But you must make up your own mind. In a cast or spread of runes the meaning of any individual rune must be taken in context with the question and with the adjacent runes. It might be more appropriate to consider Perth as a 'mystery' or a 'gamble' in some situations. Thus Perth reversed would be a 'known fact' or a 'certainty', being the opposites of those concepts.

Bear in mind that there are any number of diviners who interpret only with the upright meanings whatever the aspect of the rune on the field.

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