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Help me with this reading, please.


I have cast the runes about a problem I have currently in my life,which begun more than two months ago and I have asked, how will go this issue within 6 month aprox?, What will happen?

I have took two runes: Kaun(Kano) inverted, and Laguz upright: What´s your interpretation? Thanks

Re: Help me with this reading, please.

I need to know the question, Alex. If it's private email me.

Re: Help me with this reading, please.

Dear runemaker:

Thanks for your question. If possible, I would´t like to give much data. I will try to synthesize: Some people, in my job, is going against me. They want me to be sent off. I asked what will happen. Thanks for your helping

Re: Help me with this reading, please.

Kauno reversed indicates a lack of enlightenment suggesting that the runes do not have the whole picture of who and why. You will need to learn more of the causes and motives of those that oppose you before taking any action to help yourself.

Laguz suggests that the whole situation is in a state of fluidity, which is a good thing from your point of view. It means you still have time to work on the situation and find a solution before anything serious happens.

If you know these people well enough, their reasons for behaving as they do will be in your subconscious and the runes can help you bring that information to light.

Re: Help me with this reading, please.

Dear Runemaker:

Thanks for your kind answer.

After I had sent my last message I asked the runes to clarify the situation for me, then I got a rune more: berkana, merkstave, and two questions, now arise for me:

1- Does the appearing of berkana merkstave, change any part of your interpretation?

2- Could mean, the whole answer of the runes, and ending of something? If so there are two probabilities, and ending of my job, or and ending of the bad situation I am living.

Re: Help me with this reading, please.

Berkanan reversed means absence of growth (I don't like the modern made-up word "mekstave" - all it means is "dark stick"). In you scenario it would indicate that the situation will not escalate, i.e. it won't grow any worse.

My next step would be to consider possible actions that could be taken and ask the runes for an outcome in each case.

Re: Help me with this reading, please.

Thanks :-)

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