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Hello all. I've been in possession of a custom set of Runes from the Runemaker for several years now, but have only recently begun to see them in the larger context of my personal spirituality. It is often a case that I will find something appealing but will have to wait several years to discover why I was led to it.

Likewise with the Personal Runestaff. I love looking at it. I sense it has a power and a purpose but I don't know yet what they are. I am curious as to how people who have one are using it. I'm sure the way will open to me, but I still would like to hear from others.

Re: Personal Runestaff

Hello Skye, my old friend. I thought I might just tell you there are (at the moment) only 8 Oswald Runestaffs in existence.

One is my own personal staff, another was shipped only a couple of days ago and may not yet be with it's new owner, a third is owned by a thespian who is on tour for a year, and a fourth is owned by a very private runic practitioner who - I feel sure - will not wish to enter into any discussion. That leaves just 2 other users who might wish to communicate.

There may of course be others who have made and empowered their own staffs, and it will be interesting to see if any feel inclined to contribute to this thread.

For my own part I use the staff in the empowerment rituals I perform on amulets, pendulums and rune sets. It helps to focus energy and to accurately direct the power as required in certain aspects of each rite.

Re: Personal Runestaff

Hello Bob. Good to be here with you again.

I know I'm going to be buying a Runestaff. Make mine cherry :-)


Re: Personal Runestaff

I've been meaning to make a post about that. I have a "walking stick" that is quite nice to look at. I've been sanding it and giving it abit more...personality, for lack of a better phrase. I've been doing this on & off for a few months now. Anyhoo, now I want to carve some runes on it. I just want to put my name or some such identifier, yet I can't shake this feeling that what I want to do is not quite "IT". Any suggestions?

BTW, Bob - I've been meaning to send you a comm on personalized you provide these?

Happy Yuletide/Merry Christmas/Festivus/Hannakah/ everyone!

Re: Personal Runestaff

Hello Ernie, I hope you are finding the Forum is busy enough for you these days :-)

The runestaffs I make are personalized by the ring of runes or bindrunes around the head. Each staff has a different set of runes/bindrunes chosen by the customer at the time of placing the order.

Some people like to have a personal bindrune, or a personal Erilaz rune (for magickal power) designed for that purpose, and some like to have a ring of runes reflecting concepts that are important to them - strength, energy, humanity, enlightenment, love, peace, etc., and some folks like to have a mixture of runes and bindrunes. There is enough space for maybe five glyphs to be burned around the staff head.

I would not want to change the Valknut on the top of the head, or the spiral of the full Futhark that winds around the length of the staff - it wouldn't be possible to carry out the empowerment rite I have developed if we changed those, so it wouldn't be a true runestaff any more. But let me have you ideas either here on in a private email and we can work something out.

Re: Personal Runestaff

Perhaps a runestaff is something I would like someday. But not for some time.

But, the Valknut scares me...

I know that Thurisaz is a rune to be avoided if someone is new to Rune magic, are there any others? Some seem to be much sweeter than others.

Ihwaz is safe, since Bob taught me a way to use it for protection (thank you, Bob ), how about Wunjo..?



Re: Personal Runestaff

does any one have any pictures of a runestaff

Re: Personal Runestaff

there are a couple of pictures in my book Discovering Runes available online at the website and Amazon, or at quality book stores.

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