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Ricky; Read your post. Good to see you are checking out options. Don't take anything I say for advice but use it as you see fit from a fellow cancer victim. A Gleason six does give you some wriggle room and that appears to be what you are doing now by exploring your options. I cannot give any input about the treatment you asked about, maybe there are some out there who can. Know that every treatment has its successes and its failures. It is good to have a plan "B" in case of a failed primary treatment. Gleason of six leaves one more options than a more serious diagnosis but that can be a complication in itself. I was "lucky" (?) in that my diagnosis was fairly serious and left little choice but aggressive treatment (surgery and then radiation). Side effects were immediate and permanent, but results have been positive for ten years now. That is the end goal in any case. To further complicate things, be aware that there may be some more aggressive cancer hiding in there not diagnosed by the biopsy. Surgery pathology in some cases finds more serious cancer in removed samples. I have read of some good results from those who have had less aggressive treatments like you are researching but also have read of some with failed, or inconclusive results. For myself, even though the aggressive treatment left me with a changed life, I am glad I did not choose a lesser procedure. Your choice of treatment is up to you and your tolerance for gambling (for lack of a better word) on results. I wanted the best chance of knowing for sure it had worked than to always wonder if it was still in there waiting for a chance to emerge again. Nothing gives that guarantee 100 percent, but I wanted as close to that as I could get even with what it cost me.
Anyway, all that being said, look through the stories on this site for the treatment options you are considering and study the results so you can get a feel of what is best for you, given what few facts you have been given to work with. Best wishes to you on your search. Jon R.


Thank you Jon
I'm still deciding on what to do
My Urologist wants to watch and wait.
With both of the treatments mentioned they can ablate?
The entire prostate from within. So that's what
I'm leaning towards.
Thanks for this forum and your reply


Expand your research effort beyond HIFU,TULSA and watchful waiting.
If you have not already done so, thoroughly research outcome data which is available on most if not all treatment options.
Your diagnosis and current physician suggests you have time to do so.
Best wishes.
Don O.


Thank you Don