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An Early Journal Entry For Your Review and Comment

Treatment Center Selection

I first heard of proton therapy by way of Bob Marckini's book, "You Can Beat Prostate Cancer." His book more than anything else convinced me proton therapy represented my best treatment option. Subsequent research has not dissuaded me from this personal choice. Doctors Ezee and Tuflov offered persuasive arguments for surgery and IMRT, respectively. Certainly other viable options exist depending on personal preference and individual circumstances. Any of us afflicted with this dreadful disease are inevitably confronted with difficult choices. There is no perfect solution, and most certainly there are no guarantees. In the final analysis you place your bet, roll the dice and hope to get double lucky.

I contacted four of the five proton centers in the United States. I made my decision primarily on which center could begin my treatment soonest. It turned out to be the University of Florida Proton Institute(UFPTI) located here in Jacksonville. Due either to an unfortunate miscommunication on their part or a regrettable misunderstanding on my part, the wait is considerably longer than anticipated. Even so the waiting period at UFPTI is no longer relative to the other treatment centers I contacted and briefer by a month in one instance. Preliminary measures are scheduled to begin here in Jacksonville next week.

Re: An Early Journal Entry For Your Review and Comment

Ah Don, memories!

I well remember that choice of your's Don, and my intention was to point you toward EBRT. Fortunately with Terry's guidance re individual choice for treatment, I chose to desist, but I did take an active interest in your choices as you well know. My concern at the time related to a clinical view that Proton Beam main efficacy was in the Rx of near surface tumours, particularly in paediatrics. Plus Lorna Linda were pretty much out on their own advocating its utility for PCa. Some skeptics even suggested their facility was under utilised, hence the take on of treating PCa patients. But as we know Proton Beam like many other PCa therapies proved useful in the arsenal against PCa.

So what is happening with you lately Don? I confess to not having read your blog for quite a while.

john bonneville

Re: An Early Journal Entry For Your Review and Comment

I'm doing pretty OK. Because there is little if anything new to report (a good thing) I don't make many
additions to my blog these days.
I'm getting closer to publishing my book which is, as you probably know, based on my blog and on a fairly sizable number of my internnet actions on YANA. Accordingly,I doubt that my book will be of much interest to you or my other YANA internet buddies.
In any event always good to hear from you. Best wishes to you and yours... take care.