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note for newcomers

This may serve as a heads up for anyone new entering here and looking for answers. This is a good place to look into for a LOT of info on prostate cancer and its treatments. There are hundreds of stories to study and apply to your own circumstances and many candid opinions to contemplate. I use the words "go with caution" not because of any misinformation, but because literally, every case will be different and have different outcomes. Glean all the generalizations and info you can and then apply what YOU feel serves YOUR situation best. This cancer arena is filled with generalizations and statistics, and words like "possibly", "maybe", "hopefully", "generally", etc. but very few hard and fast facts that apply to all cases. There are no guarantees, and you have to judge for yourself what course is best for you because YOU are the one who will experience the results of your choices. It will seem overwhelming at first but there will come a point when you make sense of it all for yourself to the best of your ability.
Members on this site are helpful and willing to converse if you want specific questions answered. They usually don't pull any punches or sugar coat answers so don't let that scare you. As an example - I say I hate what cancer and its treatment has done to me and that is truth. I also say, I would do it over again in a heartbeat now that I know the results. Even with all the negatives, I am still here and healthy and able to complain. Keep in mind the main goal and it will soften the blow from the negatives. Yes, you may lose an important part of life, but you will still be able to enjoy - and appreciate - all the rest of what life offers, not such a bad trade considering the alternative. Best wishes to all, Jon.

Re: note for newcomers

I would like to add that while this site is of historical significance it is very dated in terms of clinical approaches, particularly the last decade.

john bonneville

Dated information on the YANA website

Hello John,

I have been adding a few specific updates to the YANA website as I learn about them. I would appreciate hearing any specific feedback about information that is incorrect or out-of-date, so I can update it. However, posting vague generalizations doesn't help much.

Best Regards,

Re: Dated information on the YANA website

Mark I came on here yesterday to say hello to Don. I ended up answering several questions as well. If this site is clinically up to date as you suggest that why have people waited weeks, in some cases, for a response. You just don't seem to accept the reality of what has happened to this site since Terry's passing. If you find my posts confronting, remove them. Terry although a lay person drove the clinical agenda on this site, albeit in some interesting directions I might add. Respondents to questions were plentiful. As Terry said "you are not alone". How relevant is that phrase today under your stewardship Mark Freedkin?