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commenting on a negative outlook

Not sure how to approach this but feel it should be mentioned for the sake of newcomers to this disease, looking for help in their journey.

One story that popped up when I went to find YANA was from a fellow cancer survivor who came through his ordeal with a very negative outlook on the whole subject of cancer treatment. He had a very long article with "undisputable quotes" of all the bad sides of treatment that I fear may sway newcomers from making informed and wise decisions about their future. I am not going to argue with any points he presented but would certainly say he has an "axe to grind" as the saying goes. Newcomers need to warned against taking any of OUR opinions as hard and fast facts for them to go by. We all have our stories and opinions. This is the real world and cancer treatment is NOT a free ride. No matter what choices one makes, there will be consequences. Doing nothing also has consequences. I don't like what treatment has done to me either BUT - I am still here and healthy to be able to complain about it! Read that carefully! I have surpassed the estimated time that I had been given if I had lived the "good life" and done nothing for treatment. Yes, I regret losing my "powers and pleasures" of manhood but that isn't worth dying for and life is still good. Many have lived through the risks and losses and adjusted quite well thank you. So don't let such negative articles sway your judgement without being aware of the consequences. We have all probably had the same thoughts this negative article detailed so well but we have powered through them. Personally - and humorously -, I have thought it would have been possible for me not to have had any cancer at all and just been the victim of a sick conspiracy for the money. I had no symptoms of cancer - (if you do, it may be too late). This is of course just imaginational fear, and I never came close to believing it.

So, glean carefully what you read folks. Listen, but study carefully how it applies to you. Do your own research so you can make informed decisions on your own. This cancer is a grey world with a gambling atmosphere. Best wishes to all! Jon.

Re: commenting on a negative outlook

Jon R.
There are precious few of us PCa Warriors who would disagree with your latest contribution to YANA.
Keep up with the good work and positive outlook.
Best wishes.
Proton Don

Re: commenting on a negative outlook

Thanks Don. I thought something should be said. This article I refer to had a lot of statistics, - all one sided to his point of view. Statistics are cheap and can be used and contorted in most any way one wants to use them. We can see this in every part of life these days. It is often wise to look behind the statistics and the authors to see the real picture. Jon.

Re: commenting on a negative outlook

Hi everyone,

I added a breif comment to the top of the story in question:

The author makes some rather strong statements in his story. He also cites a variety of statistics that may or may not be accurate. No doubt they reflect his personal opinions, to which he is entitled. However, be sure to use your judgment to evaluate the validity of his claims for your personal situation.

Stay safe and healthy.

Best Regards,

Re: commenting on a negative outlook

Thanks Mark, good, and tactful job! I can understand why he prefers to remain anonymous; all may not be so tactful in their responses. Wish he would have included some updates on his treatment results. By the date of his writing, he is still here and healthy enough to complain. Jon.