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covid verses cancer watch

Just to add to the neglected forum here: I am wondering if the covid thing has caused the lackluster participation in this forum the last couple years. This is not necessarily a good thing, but I can see it with myself. My constant vigilance watching for any change in PSA readings has been dulled by the less practical medical availability since the covid hit. I am not a big believer in all the covid hype but also smart enough to not take any chances and so have been dutifully staying away from any medical procedures including the yearly medical exams. It has been long enough now that the PSA thing has lost some of its importance. It is not on my mind much at all anymore. That may be giving me a false sense of peace of mind I know but true none the less. I wonder if more of us are going through this same thing. Makes one also wonder if after all this covid thing is past - if a lot of undiagnosed medical issues will suddenly flood in after so many have had a couple years of minimal medical checks. Like the 911 attack, whatever jerks thought up this covid thing succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Jon R.