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PSA uptick 4.5 years since surgery and 4 years since radiation

Looking for someone who may have had a similar experience. I was diagnosed in 2008. Remained on AS until 2017.
At that time Gleason 8 was found. Had surgery but then had hormone therapy and radiation. Since that time PSA remained undetectable until today. New PSA came in at .12. Had 6 month check up this week but PSA was not in. Got the result through email. Won’t be able to talk with MD until late tomorrow. Just wondering what may be the next steps. Would appreciate hearing from someone who had a similar situation. Thanks.

Re: PSA uptick 4.5 years since surgery and 4 years since radiation

Pretty delayed leaving a comment here, but I had a similar result 3+ years after prostatectomy. Before surgery, I as a Gleason 7/3+4. Right after surgery I had a PSA of .04, which was considered clinically zero. The PSA stayed at pretty much this level for three years. Then the forth year, it started to uptick...still in the clinical zero level, then finally reaching .18 (within several months) beyond the "zero" level. The urologist wanted to do a scan of the former prostate bed, but the insurance company required that I have multiple escalating PSA tests. He was, just slightly concerned, being it was years out from the surgery. The next test dropped to .16, so no-go for a scan. Three months later, I had dropped (happily) to .12. The urologist attributed the very slight rise to regrowth of benign PSA generating tissue. He said this will probably be my level of PSA from now on. He asked if I wanted to extend the PSA tests to a six month interval, but I opted for three months, at least for the short term to play it safe.