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The following entry to my journal captures a heartfelt theme of mine: reaching out to other PCa Warriors is mutually rewarding.
"A Non-Too-Pertinent Exchange of E-mails Between Cyberspace Buddies
From time to time a deviation from my standard journal entry seems warranted; the following exchange of e-mails is one such occasion;see below:

Dear Don:

It is hard to believe that it has been seven years since I contacted you regarding my prostate cancer, and your immediate and caring responses.

I continue to follow your blog to see how you are doing. Your attention to detail and dissecting of possible treatments regarding a recurrence are extremely helpful. I have been blessed to not see any rise in my PSA. It reached its nadir three years ago and sits at a very reassuring .02. The only side effect I have experienced is rectal bleeding which seems to be subsiding. I have not had an "episode" in a couple of months. My health is excellent and I attribute that to regular exercise. I have never smoked or consumed much alcohol, so I suspect that is paying dividends as I pass my 73rd year.

I am not sure if cancer survivors are more prone to attempting to recapture their youth than others, but I have launched off into a new physical regimen: Powerlifting. I became a member of USA Powerlifting in 2016. Even though it is a competitive sport, in reality you compete against yourself to continue to set personal records. I needed an activity that would motivate me to keep at it, even when I would much prefer a cup of coffee and a donut in the morning. Powerlifting filled the bill. I suspect I will compete in judged competition until I reach the Master V class (80-89 age group). Since that is seven years away, I have plenty of time to feel sorry for myself in the weightroom.
I had a life experience many years ago that challenged me emotionally. I good friend of mine who is a clinical psychologist dispensed some sound advice. He told me it was impossible not to think about the trauma, but I would find it much easier if I would set aside a certain time each day or week to let the emotions flow. Other than those times, I should strive to put the thoughts to bed and concentrate on living a good life. Having read your blogs for several years, I have come to the conclusion that you too do just that. You have handled the adversity with class and dignity.

I trust all is well with your family and you. You have been such a pleasure to communicate with.

Dear Les:
Great to hear from you!
It sounds as if you have fully benefited from the modern day miracle of PBRT.
My journal serves as my safety valve. Your psychologist friend would say its cathartic. It gives me considerable pleasure knowing that other PCa warriors struggling with this wretched disease find some of the material I produce helpful. Its a reciprocal blessing.
I have engaged in a variety of exercise programs over the years including weightlifting, racquetball, tennis and pickle-ball.
These activities have kept me in reasonable shape and provide a pleasant diversion from dealing with PCa.
My wife experienced some very debilitating mental and physical setbacks over the past few years, but we manage as best we can.
I much appreciate the update and your kind, thoughtful and supportive commentary.
Regards Don

There is something to be said for long term, long distance cyberspace relationships.
Stay tuned."

Re: New Topic

I don't know about all these long term, long distance, cyberspace relationships Don. I am a tad skeptical that they really last. Now how long have I know you in cyberspace? Two weeks maybe. Not to sure if we will make three LOL. So how are you travelling Don, been a while.since we exchange pleasantries. I have not checked your blog for a bit, because each time I did, no update. I think March this year was the last. As for me, my PSA upward spiral continues. 1.2 ng mm presently. Biochemical relapse probably in 2023 likely. But you know the amount of time my deteriorating grey matter is focused on PCa nowadays is very little if at all. But you see I have this cyberspace fellow, who is into the contact stuff, so very now and then .................. Cheers Don and best wishes for the festive season.
john bonneville

Re: New Topic

Always good to hear from you.
I assure you I understand the scepticism anyone may have regarding the value of long distance PCa relationships. The concept is mind-boggling to say the least. Even so we here on YANA engage in such activity as a matter of routine
Fortunately you have retained your sense of humor.It seems to me you thrive on interacting with other PCa Warriors. I suspect your outreach has served you (and many others) well.
Thanks to a steady PSA I have not added to my blog since last February. I'm doing my best to enjoy the calm before the storm. As for you John, it is certainly conceivable that you, your physician and modern day medicine will again get your PSA under control.
Best wishes Don

Re: New Topic

Hi Don, I was thinking about Terry last week and in particular his aim to make 20 years. As we know he fell two years short. And then I thought, will I make it that far? So I am in my 17th year of living with Pca, so in all probability yes. So After reading back over Terry's story, remembering lots of differences of opinion we had along the way, I went to check on my old posts and guess what I have two years missing? After all these years Terry has got me again. They should start in Nov 2006, but no, I can only go back to May 2008. So I am trying to think what I would have written back then? And then I thought perhaps you may know? But your posts only go back to 2012. And I think Proton Don was active on here before that? Perhaps Mark may know. Did Terry have a secret files section on here Mark?

Well the earliest forum posts on here on go back to 2007. Second topic was ED, Terry's favourite subject at the time. And I think I posted but nothing there.

Re: New Topic

I was diagnosed and treated in 2008. Before discovering YANA I was active on a number of other sites. My first dated entry on YANA is March 2011.
Mark keeps a close eye on all YANA entries. I suspect you will be hearing from him soon.
Hopefully it will be on this forum so we all know the results of your research effort.

Re: New Topic

Hello everyone,

There is no secret area for these posts. However, it is important that you be consistent when you specify your name. For example, we recently found that Don had posted using either "Don Oberlin" or "Donald Oberlin", and those were treated as two separate users. We were able to find all of his posts by searching for "Oberlin", which found both sets of entries.

I have not done an exhaustive search for all of John's messages, but the earliest message I can find from him is dated May 2, 2008 -- please see:

We are nowhere near the maximum number of entries for the Discussion Forum. I wonder if perhaps Terry might have changed from a different service in early 2008, so all prior messages might be lost. I will do some more investigation over the next few days.

Stay safe and healthy.

Best Regards,

Re: New Topic

Mark Freedkin doth wrote , "I wonder if perhaps Terry might have changed from a different service in early 2008". He did Mark, actually it was two! So that explains it. I now remember Terry saying that if bravenet did not work out he was going to pull the pin, fortunately it did. The two early one's were very primitive. I posted on the second from about late 2006. I cannot remember the engine used but it was blue and white, and no not v-bulletin because I was trying to talk Terry into going that way. I know he used to keep some backups on his home computers including my story, which is not on here. Thanks Mark and Don.