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slow forum and u-tube

Sorry to see participation in this forum fading. Was so active in days gone by. This site is a plus for the many going trough this disease and its treatment and it is a shame to see it slow down.

Anyway; Knowing full well that u-tube can be as much fiction as fact, I put this observation out on something I saw on there that very simply animates the process of a prostate removal. Much detail was left out but the end product showed the vas defrons (sp?) tubes, (minus the seminal vesicles and of course prostate), re-attached to the urethra below the bladder. Have never heard of this method before and really wonder if someone doesn't have the knowledge to be representing an informational medical video for viewing. It was an otherwise well done video and by all the many comments below it, there were many taking it for "gospel" truth and accuracy. My understanding and personal experience is that the tubes are permanently clamped off and in fact I was told the clamps are left in place permanently. I saw them on the scanner when I had my follow up radiation. Comments welcome! Jon.

Re: slow forum and u-tube

Honestly, I think it's hard to find this site. YANA doesn't seem to work very well with search algorithms.
If I haven't been on here for a while, I have to try to remember the name of the site. A search at least with Chrome shows it pretty low down on the list of results, if it displays at all.