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Re: PSMA PET Scan update. Some light reading for my old mate Don.

The "light reading" quickly became heavy for this aging PCa Cowboy at or about paragraph upteem which reads in part:
"The results of the TheraP trial (54) and the VISION trial (NCT03511664), as well as the potential
subsequent approval of 177Lu-PSMA-617, will support the use of PSMA in patients with
metastatic CRPC for the purpose of patient selection. Additional studies in earlier stages before
chemotherapy (PSMAfore NCT04689828, SPLASH NCT04647526, ARROW NCT03939689)
and in castration-sensitive prostate cancer (CSPC) (PSMAddition NCT04720157,
UpFrontPSMA) will further expand the number of patients who may benefit from PSMA PET.
Optimal PSMA PET criteria for patient selection are not yet well established and studies are
warranted. 18F-FDG PET/CT may provide additional value in identifying 18F-FDG-positive,
PSMA-negative sites of disease (54)."
That doesn't mean that we can't sit down ASAP, and over a beer or two, revisit various other more productive discussions we have had over the years. Here's to our next opportunity to do so.
Cheers Don

Re: PSMA PET Scan update. Some light reading for my old mate Don.

Don, the old times are but a fading memory, of little consequence, to even us now. If you need evidence of that, just have a look around here. What engagement, what substance, what cachephony of silence, what remains, what matters? Nothing of course, just an aimless slide into the void of meaninglessness.

But on a brighter note, I found the paper to be a great read, particularly relating to the stratification of suitable application, new radio contrasts, viability of results, and precise targeting of both local and distant tumours.

As for the beer? Anytime of course. Will that be a new or old Don? Oh and who's shout will it be?

John Bonneville

Re: PSMA PET Scan update. Some light reading for my old mate Don.

Time marches on with us or without with YANA or without. In the meantime let's make the best of it.
As for the beer my idea my treat.
Always a pleasure.