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A Brief Retrospective Triggered by a Current Event

In looking over my on-line journal for something to share with my fellow PCa Warriors, I settled on the following entry dated January 9,2014. In retrospect I am unsure why we did not discuss "Watch and Wait" as a viable option. If it were now, rather than then, we would most certainly do so.

"A dear friend of mine was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer with a Gleason score of 6 (3+3) and a PSA of 6. By pure coincidence Dr. Easy performed my buddy's biopsy, and true to form recommended robotic surgery as he did for me. Longtime readers of this journal may recall the entry regarding my appointment with Dr. Easy (see: A Definitive Diagnosis).
My friend and I had a wide ranging telephone conversation during which we discussed the value of (1) Bob Marckini's book, "You Can Beat Prostate Cancer,"(2) the need to conduct one's own research in general and (3) the increased risk of surgery as we grow older. My friend turns 70 next month.
A follow up email appears below:

I cannot over emphasize the importance of research at this point. Not only will it enhance your chances of making a good decision for yourself, but it will enable you to ask good questions as you encounter various practitioners along the way. For upcoming meetings with practitioners as a matter of routine I prepare a list of (written) questions to which I want answers-- although I let the session evolve based on the purpose of the appointment. I think it is important to hear the guy/gal out before steering the discussion. Toward the end of our meeting I raise my questions if they have not already been addressed.
FYI Following my diagnosis I placed great emphasis on survival, i.e., extending my existence. Over time, when I realized I might be around a while longer, my priority changed to preserving my quality of life."

My friend's regrettable diagnosis provided this opportunity to summarize a few of the important lessons I learned during my tumultuous journey. I thought it may be of interest to those of you who have been tracking my progress."

For a complete review of my online journal; see:

Re: A Brief Retrospective Triggered by a Current Event

You have been a bit light on scribing on your blog Don. Most unusual for you. I detect a shift in your perspective to be somewhat more focused on reflective. You seem content and accepting. It has my privilege be a part of your journey Don and visa versa of course. How is the last chapter progressing? You don't want to leave your readers hanging in suspense?

Re: A Brief Retrospective Triggered by a Current Event

You are very perceptive my friend.
I am happy to report that my life is far more stable these days. Less turmoil equals less data to share. A bonafide blessing for sure.
Your perceptive inquiry and interest is much appreciated.
How's by you?
Don O.

Re: A Brief Retrospective Triggered by a Current Event

Well Don, health wise all my ailments are in winter recess. I did have an iron infusion in March, what a lift that gave me. Probably have another one in springtime. So my main focus has been on a Ranger Tug R21 EC that I purchased a few months ago. I have even created a new bucket list of places to go here in OZ. Will keep it for about 3 or 4 years and I think that will see me out, but in the meantime some adventures to be had.

It is a different world now Don. I think we can be grateful of having our time when we did. When I reflect, even our PCa journeys contributed to an interesting life. The initial trepidation, the learning curve, treatment, Terry and this place, it certainly was one hell of a ride. A while back I went through a goodly number of old warriors on here that completed their journeys. Men that I used to interact with, or as Terry would say, combat with! And I cherished the part that they played in my journey. And reading their stories it seem's like only yesterday.

Enough waffle Don, till next time
John Bonneville

Re: A Brief Retrospective Triggered by a Current Event

Sounds as if both of us are doing reasonably ok. What a blessing!
Hang in there John and stay in touch.
Best wishes. Don