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Active surveillance reconsidered

I wanted to offer my opinion of active surveillance. My urologist somewhat reluctantly offered this option, rules of which I dutifully followed for two years.

Ultimately with multiple biopsies showing worse numbers, I feel surveillance was a failure and could be viewed as risky. Only partial nerve sparing was possible because of cancer cell infiltration.

My regret is trying to avoid surgery for years.

My impotency was part of the payoff of waiting...the consequences of waiting and trying to preserve my manhood could have been far worse.

Re: Active surveillance reconsidered

Bill; I fully understand what you are saying. My situation was similar in that I spent a year in denial after being diagnosed before taking the plunge with total treatment and the resulting consequences. That year of denial gave the cancer one more year to mature and become more serious. We all fear the treatment and the results from it, but it is often inevitable at some point and then more serious. My "surveillance" period was probably the years of "bliss and ignorance" before diagnosis while this adversary grew inside me plus the year I spent in denial. Yes, there is risk involved. Jon.