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Three years out checkin

Thought I'd relay what I've experienced three years out from my prostatectomy circa March, 2018.
My surgery was reportedly nerve sparing. I opted not to take ED drugs for various reasons.

My erectile function is near the level of total impotence, so that functionality has never returned. Blood pressure meds I take may be partly responsible for my ED I think. I can sustain a partial erection for a short time with some effort but intercourse is impossible. Penile shortening has remained at mostly the level is was post-surgery.

I leak a few drops of urine randomly if straining....coughing, heavy lifting, sneezing, leakage is mostly a non-issue.

I had a troubling PSA during my last test 5-months ago...a bump-up...still in the clinically zero range, but near the max for zero. My urologist was concerned, so I had another test that showed a slight drop in the number, so I felt some at least temporary relief. I've heard of PSA bumps after two years for some unknown reason, but after three years feels odd. I've got another test in a few weeks so we'll see. Hate to think I need recovery radiation at such a late date. Seems even after a clean report, you can never relax from the legacy of this disease.

Best wishes to all us survivors...