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deciding on TULSA-PRO

I’ve had brief consultations with a surgeon, radiology oncologist, hifu master, focused laser, and Tulsa-pro medical professionals.

Now convinced that there are multiple effective treatments for PCa. That given, I’ll need to select my treatment based on:
- the thoroughness of the procedure,
- risks,
- unfavorable / unexpected lifestyle changes.

So far, TULSA-Pro is the choice because the patient risks are lessened inherent to the technology. My only question is “how much of the gland needs treatment (ablation)?” .

Some say my PCa is widespread. And that it is better to ablate the whole gland. I’d rather save as much of the gland as possible (because it sounds like the right thing to do). Actually, I don’t know what to expect in one way or another. Just a regular guy, not a medic. Still trying to get ahold of this life event..

I’m looking to come clear on ...

- the extent of the tumors
- the best recommended treatment
- whole gland ablation vs targeted
- what bodily functions will change
- other things (you tell me)
- Follow-up and aftercare

Feel free to comment.

Re: deciding on TULSA-PRO

In making your treatment selection I suggest you focus on outcome data. This information is often available from the practitioner you have selected and on-line.
Another consideration as you proceed may be to get a second opinion on your biopsy if you have not already done so.
Here's wishing you the best as you proceed on your PCA journey.
Don O.

Re: deciding on TULSA-PRO

Just my opinion here so keep that in mind as you read. When I hear of prostate cancer that needs any treatment and the idea is to only treat a small effected portion of it in order to preserve the "good" part, I can't help but wonder - if we were prone to develop cancer in the first place and we eliminate just the effected portion, what is to say the healthy part won't develop PC in the future? Treatment is not fun so why go through it more than once. Jon.