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Re: Genitals Exposed during EBRT Sessions

Peterborough ON
I had this experience recently and wore a men’s diaper and armed myself with all sorts of jokes
in case the possibility of the EBRT mapping was done by female radiologists which was exactly
who were waiting at Oshawa hospital to tell me to change into a gown open at the back to remove
all clothing below the waist.
But I said with a lie “ I’m incontinent and have a men’s diaper on?” and lifted the gown to show her!
She said it was up to me to wear it and they will try to accommodate me.”

Anyway, I’m on the table and they ask me to raise my backside and they adjusted the diaper down
to expose all my public area and kept my genitals covered!
Ha, Ha! thinks me while getting off the table.
One of the herapist walked me back to change and said “ Mr Jones you’re not the first one to pull that scam
We always place a covering over that area before lifting the gown. We are aware of the situation and
know what to do best for our patients!”

I’m now 30% through my EBRT at my local hospital PRHC and am fully naked under the gown and every
time I lay down for the treatment they put another layer over the gown responsible for covering my
genitals and thighs before sliding the gown up to expose the area for radiation.
Please guys. Your manhood is not foremost on their mind. Help saving your life is!

And I must finish by saying that all these ladies and every female looking after our healthcare is
worthy of our greatest respect and their best intentions!