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Re: Rising PSA

Please find below results of the MRI scans I mentioned ten days ago:

MRI of the pelvis findings of the investigation:
☆ Threre are multiple protrusions seen on the wall of the urinary bladder on slices 4-11th
☆ Bilateral ureters are mildly dilated
☆ The prostate is normal
☆ The rectum is normal
☆ Others are normal
1. Multiple polyps of the urinary bladder
2. Mild dilatation of bilateral quarters

MRI of the abdomen findings of the investigation:
☆ There are multiple small lesions with T1hypointense T2hypeintense image signals seen on the bilateral Kidneys with dilatation of the right pelvis of the kidney on slices 6-10th
☆ Bilateral ureters are mildly dilated as well
☆ The liver and gallbladder are normal
☆ The spleen is normal
☆ The stomach is normal
☆ The pancreas is normal
☆ The intestines are normal
☆ There are massive fatty tissue seen in the abdominal cavity as well
> Multiple small cysts of both kidneys with mild hydronephrosis of the right side
> Mild dilatation of both ureters
> Fatty abdominal cavity

I am seeing my oncologist on 1st October 2020, but I will appreciate your valuable comments

Re: Rising PSA

Those results are too technical for this PCa Warrior to analyze. The number of areas reported as normal seems promising. All of us on this site will be looking forward to an update. In the wishes.
Don O.

Re: Rising PSA

Thanks Don, I will definitely update all of you next week.

Re: Rising PSA

As promised colleagues I finally met my Oncologist on Thursday 8th October 2020.
His findings were that the TScans and MRI Scans are not showing any spreading of the PCa and only show scars from previous treatment. He suspected that the rise in PSA could be attributed to the slight increase in sexual activity, resulting in irritation of the prostate gland. The testosterone levels were normal too.
So he suggested that I monitor PSA monthly and see him again after three months. Should the rise continue, then he may put me back on Zoladex.
The TScans also revealed a disk in the spinal cord compressing on something, and he referred me to an orthopedic surgeon, assuring me that it was an age related issue. As for the cysts in the bladder, he again downplayed them saying that it was due to urine retention and not worth looking at for the time being.
Thank you for your support, colleagues.

Re: Rising PSA

Zowie! Sounds like a highly favorable report. All of us wish a rise in our PSA was due to increased sexual activity.
Best wishes.


Re: Rising PSA

Hi colleagues,
I started taking herbal supplements from Greenworld in November 2020 and my PSA dropped to 1.97 in December 2020 and 0.97 in January 2021 but rose to 1.07 in February 2021. I will do another test mid March 2021 and see the trend.
Is marijuana effective for PCa treatment? I am being threatened with castration if the PSA keeps rising because the hospitals have run out of medicines, but marijuana is plenty in my country.
I would appreciate your advice.

Re: Rising PSA

My PSA actually dropped in March 2021 to 0.42.

Re: Rising PSA

Hi colleagues, my PSA on 18th August was 0.433.
I have not been on any medication apart from prostate cancer herbal supplements since November 2020.
The Oncologist examined my stomach and prostate gland (DRE) after which he told me that I was stable and should go for review after six months.
Suffice to say, I was diagnosed with PSA at 65, put on Zoladex from June 2014 to June 2016, when PSA dropped to undetectable levels. Of course it started rising slowly until it peaked at almost 3.5 in September 2020. I started herbal supplements in Nov 2020 and the PSA has remained below one since then.
My health has remained stable apart from incontinence issues and penile dysfunction which should have been doing better with my elevated testosterone.
Thank you for your support.