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Recurrence of prostate cancer

Dear All,

Hope you are as well as you can be.
I am a 68 year old man living in the Glasgow area of Scotland. In 2010 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer with a PSA of 2.9. My doctor did a DRE(digital rectum examination) and found a ‘nodule’. My Gleason score was 3+4 and underwent 40 radiation treatments over 8 weeks. My PC was in the prostate only, no spread to anywhere. My PSA after 18 months went down to 0.2 and small increases till 2018, with a PSA of 0.4. My PSA result in 2019 was 1.0 and my GP suggested an appointment with a consultant Urologist. I had a MRI scan, a X-ray of my right femur and a bone scan. The scans found a non malignant lesion on my right femur. My consultant put me on active surveillance with PSA checks every 3 months with an appointment to see him every 6 months. In March this year, with a PSA of 1.4 he confirmed the recurrence of Prostate Cancer and my PSA is 1.8 in September and has organised for another MRI scan for me. The scan appointment will be on 24th September 2020.
My PSA results are not high but was not really high when I was diagnosed with PC and I am getting concerned. The consultant said in March hormone therapy would be the next course of action if the PSA continues too increase.
Has anyone any thoughts on my situation.

Best regards

William Graham

Re: Recurrence of prostate cancer

The information you provide suggests you are experiencing a recurrence. If that's the case and you were here in the United States, you would be confronted with a great many treatment options. Assuming that is also true in Scotland you would do well to begin your research effort. Let me suggest you begin with the segment of my ongoing, online journal titled: "To My Family, Friends and Cyberspace Buddies"; see:
Best wishes Don O.

Re: Recurrence of prostate cancer

Hi William,
I am on the same journey as you William, albeit currently at a slower velocity. My doubling time is over 3 years. If you look on page 2 of this forum, find the thread "New Topic" stated by Don. There you will find the details of my current journey. Have a read because as Terry used to say, "you are not alone".

I see you are a couple of years my junior age wise. From your PCa stats in 2010 to now, it would appear you have done very well. I know it is a bit concerting when PCa again appears as a health issue. But really your current situation is nothing to really to get all that excited about. Because it was always going to come back, and frankly it was just a question of when. We always need to remember that PCa, even as a recurrence, has a positive correlation with advancing years. But with us old fellas (70 this way), time is very much on our side, I say that with reference to PCa progression. From your PSA velocity of 1.4 ng/ml to 1.8 ng/ml, over six month period, your doubling time is currently one and a half years. That figure alone is suggestive that you recurrence is more likely a pussy cat rather than a tiger. It is the norm in most countries to monitor such recurrences until a certain threshold is reached. In Australia for post radiation treatment, the threshold is the nada (lowest post treatment reading, 0.2 ng/ml in your case) plus 2.0 ng/ml. That formula equates with a biochemical recurrence meaning PSA only. At that point clinical evidence of tumour bulk may not be able to be defined. But over time that will alter of course, hence the need for active surveillance and appropriate scans as required. The recurrence may or may not be localised in the prostate. If say scans showed a hot pelvic lymph node, than focal radiation can be very effective. I guess what I am rather poorly trying to say is, that yes, you more than likely have a recurrence, but an arsenal of treatments are available to see you well into your 80's enjoying a good quality lifestyle. Best wishes William.

John Bonneville

Re: Recurrence of prostate cancer

Hi Don and John,

Thank you for your replies and words of encouragement.
John it appears I have made a mistake in my PSA increase dates. My PSA was 1.4 in June 2020 and 1.8 in September 2020, an increase of 0.4 over 3 months.
I found that when my consultant’s told me the return of PCa in March this year it was a bit of a bombshell. It took me a few days to come to terms with it and look forward too the future. Nevertheless, it’s still in the back of my mind when time for 3 monthly PSA tests come round.
Tomorrow, 24th September I go for a MRI scan and have an appointment with the consultant on 19th October by telephone( due to COVID-19)to discuss results.
Don, when I was diagnosed with PCa I did research as much as I could, and took certain steps to try and help my situation. This is the start of my new research and had only found this forum recently.
When I underwent my treatment I met 3 other men undergoing treatment and became firm friends in a short period, so a positive came from our PCa. Unfortunately, my 3 friends have passed away at 3, 6 and 7 years since our treatment together. We all had similar situations, although my 3 friends had much higher PSA than I and in double digits, ranging from 12 too 18. So I am fortunate to be still here and to see my two gran sons of 4 and 1 years old, so much joy and happiness. Maybe I am being greedy as I said to myself at the start of the treatment I would be happy with 10 years, but with the arrival of grandsons I want more, a part quote from Oliver Twist.
I am really glad I found this forum and read other men’s journeys.
As Dave Allen an Irish comedian said at the end of his tv program, ‘may your god go with you’.

Best regards


Re: Recurrence of prostate cancer

Ok William well the PSA reading revision does change the picture a bit. But you are taking all the reasonable steps and seem to have everything in hand. When you have further information do come and share it with us. All in all your worst case scenario, is probably another decade in which to enjoy your grandkids. As for Dave Allen, he was also on Australian TV for many years, and yes I remember that line in closing the show every night.

John Bonneville