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Re: PSA going up & down

My PSA did similar. 2-3 for years. Then 6. A week later 10. Get the MRI if you Pi-rads score is low they may not do a biopsy. Even if they do a biopsy they'll know where to put the needles.

Re: PSA going up & down

Following a PSA reading of 5.8 and a range of of inconclusive tests, including a MRI, I had a transperineal biopsy in 2013. My urology consultant thought that I would end up having a biopsy at some stage and it might be as well to have one sooner rather than later. Quite glad really as the biopsy found extensive cancer which was treated by surgery, radiotherapy and hormone therapy in the following 3 years. Some unavoidable side effects but generally I consider myself fortunate and continue to enjoy life. These decisions are always difficult. Best of luck with yours.

Re: PSA going up & down

Just to conclude this post (as it applies to me anyway), I found a very caring, prostate cancer surviving, minimally invasive treatment thinking doctor. He suggested a 3T MRI w/wo contrast prior to a biopsy. Being a long distance away (to avoid 2 trips), the MRI scheduled one afternoon, biopsy the next morning. The morning after the MRI, we met with the Urologist and he told us the radiologist and himself could find absolutely no signs of cancer lesions. What he did find was a prostate 6x larger than normal! With no symptoms, no cancer history in family, etc we skipped the biopsy and he indicated that he would not be concerned (absent any future symptoms) until a PSA much higher. So, please find a doctor who wants the real story before performing any type of biopsy.