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High PSA, Pirads 4 and high blood potassium levels

My husband is 55 years old. Had PSA done in Nov 2019 which was 5.6, the primary doctor didn't pay much heed to it and said to repeat in 3 months. In three months COVID lockdown started and my husband did not get his PSA tested till late July, which came back at 8.6. In the meantime his blood potassium level has also risen from 5.2 in nov to 5.8 now which are both high. He saw a urologist a couple of weeks ago who felt a nodule on DRE and sent him off to an MRI. The MRI shows a pirads 4 suspicious lesion with no obvious sign of lesion outside of the prostrate. The urologist did not pay any attention to the high blood potassium levels. At this time he's now scheduled for a MRI fusion biopsy. I am beyond stressed and extremely worried that his gleason score may come back high on biopsy. Couple that with the fact that I tend to do my research online. The high potassium has been worrying me as well at the back of my mind. Does anyone here experience high potassium as well pre diagnosis? is high potassium indicative of metastasis? I am extremely worried that it might be the case.

Re: High PSA, Pirads 4 and high blood potassium levels

Worried Wife:
I see 24 of us have reviewed your entry.Evidently none of us feel qualified to answer your question.
Hopefully your online research will pay off sooner or later.
Don O.