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Any interest in having an on-line meeting?

Hello everyone,

I have the ability to host a web-based interactive video conference using the very popular "ZOOM" video-conferencing software over the Internet. We can accommodate up to 100 attendees at a time. Since we have YANA members all over the world, so there would not be one single day and time that works for everyone. I don't have a specific agenda of topics, but rather it would be an opportunity for YANA members to get to meet each other face-to-face and share their experiences, ideas and advice with other members. During these challenging COVID-19 times, it is even more important to have a sense of community to support each other.

Please reply to this thread if you might be interested in participating in one or more video conferences, and we will work to find some days and times that work for as many people as possible. Please include your preference for days and time, and we will review all of those responses to find days and times that work for as many members as possible.

I am based in California (west-coast of USA), so it would be late afternoon or early evening for me, and we can accommodate our members in the central and eastern USA as well as those members in Australia and the Far East. Then we could do another session during the early morning hours (California time) for our members in the eastern USA and Europe.

Stay safe and healthy.

Best Regards,

Mark Freedkin
YANA Administrator
Irvine, California (USA)

Re: Any interest in having an on-line meeting?

Sounds like a great opportunity for the newly diagnosed or those of us struggling with recurrences.
I would participate, but it would depend on the subject matter.
Super idea! Hope it takes hold.
Don O.

Re: Any interest in having an on-line meeting?

Yes I am interested

Re: Any interest in having an on-line meeting?

An excellent idea Mark. I am based in London and would be happy to participate. Since being diagnosed with Gleason 9 Pca with lymph node involvement at the age of 65 in 2013, I have received a radical prostatectomy, salvage radiotherapy and 3 years hormone therapy. Despite this and the inevitable side effects I continue to enjoy life. I am sure that there is much that we could all gain from a mutually supportive Zoom meeting.