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PSA results wrong 80% of the time!

Dr. Richard J. Ablin,a respected Pathologist and the inventor of the PSA, wrote a book a few years ago called, The Great Prostate Hoax! The book explains that the PSA test was never designed as a test to determine if you have prostate cancer. It was designed ONLY to indicate that your prostate has been successfully removed! I have a PSA now of around 60! My family doctor for years has seen my PSA number go up and at one time suggested I see a urologist. Well, I did ten years ago and after a biopsy showed a very small cancer the urologist wanted to take out my prostate! He gave me 7 years to live if I did not act fast!
What I'd like to warn people here is DO NOT LET A HIGH PSA SCARE YOU! As long as you are in good health that test is NOT a good indicator of cancer! Your Gleason score (mine was 6, with T1c staging) and DRI test are more accurate indicators.

Re: PSA results wrong 80% of the time!

I read the Great Prostate Hoax. Interesting how a whole industry was spawned from the discovery even after the inventor gave facts and evidence that his discovery was not being used properly.
Did you consider getting an MRI done just to see if all is contained within the prostate? I got one when my PSA was at 9.6 and it was really reassuring to know the MRI did not pick up any PCA.