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Post surgery night time urination

One of the things I was looking forward to after losing my prostate was a full nights sleep, with no trips to the bathroom. Big letdown.....2 weeks today post catheter removal, and I'm going about once every 90 minutes all night.....and its full urination....

I have very good continence, only dribbles when coughing etc, have been doing kegels faithfully, etc, but getting up all night is really irritating.

I've read that bladder irritation from surgery is usually the cause, and it does get better with time. My Urologist told me the same thing, but I'm interested in real life experiences. Anybody else have this, how long did it take to get better, and does it eventually completely disappear?

cheers to all

Re: Post surgery night time urination

Hello Sandy,

Your urologist is correct -- it is very common for bladder spasms to occur during the first one or two months after surgery, as the bladder adjusts to its lowered position in the body and the changes to the secondary sphincter cause by the removal of the prostate.

Every case is different, but it is very likely that the worst is behind you, and that things will improve with time. You should certainly keep your urologist informed of any additional symptoms or concerns that you have.

Best Regards,

Re: Post surgery night time urination

Thanks for the info. I never really considered bladder spasms as a possible cause, as I just have a full bladder and get up and pee like a racehorse 4 or 5 times during the night. I must lose about 4 litres a night !! I hope you're right and it gets better soon....

thanks again