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Treatments Effective against Cancers

Treatments Effective against Cancers – These is a collection of Therapies and Research work that fight cancer.

1. Artemisinin conjugated to transferrin  - these are 2 substances which are chemically joined together and become one. Cancers need iron and attracts transferrin so it will accumulate in the cancer cell.
But Artemisinin reacts with iron which kills the cancer.
Although very effective therapy, the scientists who were in the experiment formed a company but have
not been able to have the actual drug for human patients.

The problem is transferrin is made in the human body but is unstable – it should be stored in 5 Centigrade but even with refrigeration, it has a limited shelf life.

2.  Diphenyleneiodonium chloride (DPI), effectively switches off cancer stem cells, preventing their proliferation, researchers report. ... "The beauty of this is that DPI makes the cancer stem cells metabolically-inflexible, so they will be highly susceptible to a many other drugs."
It works by inhibiting Vitamin B2 which cancers are more sensitive than normal cells.

A new potential therapeutic agent- it is still in the experimental stage.

3.  Compound 12 & V-9302  prevent cancer from using Glutamine - an amino acid

 An experimental compound called V-9302 affects membranes & blocks the uptake, or absorption, of glutamine by cancer cells. Cancers needs lots of glutamine, this starves cancers of a needed nutrient.

Still in experimental stage.

4. CAR T-cell therapy is a form of immunotherapy that uses specially altered T cells — a part of the immune system — to fight cancer. A sample of a patient's T cells are collected from the blood, then modified to produce special structures called chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) on their surface.

Problem – the cost per patient is beyond most patients – treatments can reach millions of dollars per patient.

5.   Curcumin and EGCG Induce Remission in B-cell Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Patients
This was an experiment in Egypt combining Curcumin & EGCG with Chemo
The herbal treatment capsules were compatible with curcumin doses between 0.9 and 5.4 g daily (Curcuminoids C3 Complex®; America's Finest, Inc.; East Windsor, New Jersey) and 9 g of green tea whole extract daily (1,000 mg tablets of green tea extract containing 200 mg EGCG; Techno-med; Egypt).

Duration was 9 months + 3 months observation

6. Triptolide - treatment is backed up by 3 Research Discoveries
Quote: Cancer - there are Research discoveries proving a drug is better than other drug treatments. But this treatment is the result of 3 discoveries showing different abilities of the same drug. Discoveries are hard and rare to actually become a treatment. If patients are looking for a treatment that has the best in terms of effectivity and safety, then this treatment combines the best of both. The first 29 seconds is reading literature, the video follows after.

7. Opdivo & Yervoy combination treatment- these are 2 drugs described as immune checkpoint inhibitors
This treatment – it has been proven patients who used this - 50% were still alive after a 5 year period.,_yervoy_show_promise_in_lung_cancer_1314268

problems – toxicity still needs to be resolved.