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I am a 7 year survivor who now faces BCR (Biochemical recurrance) or Prostate cancer Relapse (which ever term you prefer.
My Gleason in 2012 was 7 Grade T2A. PSA we negligable till 2 years ago when we hit .10, then .24 in February 19, Sept 2019 .32 and October 2019 .42
Total Prostatectomy was preformed 4/12/12 robatically.
I am currently going through clinical analysis, Department by Department. I have an MRI & Radiation Oncology Appointment on 10/17/19. I jusat found this site.
I have reached out to a Specialist (outside my clinic) who has stated I need action to be taken right now before we reach .5 and the Cancer has gone outside the original site of the "Walnut"
Anyone have an expertise in this area?
looking for any advice.
The Dragon has risen
Thank you,

P.S. I have just completed 1 year Bladder Cancer free after 5 cocktails and 84 chemo infussions. Bladder cancer showed up in October of 2014.

Re: BCR/PCRecurrance

Wally, I empathize with your situation, but I would expect you have a chance at a cure if you do the radiation therapy since your numbers are so low. Back when I had radiation almost 14 years ago or so, the conventional wisdom was to start radiation at 1.0 after recurrence from surgery that did not eliminate the cancer. These days they want to have some regimen of hormone therapy something like 4-6 months prior to the radiation which enhances survival rates per some studies (shrinks the tumor burden and thereby increases effectiveness of the radiation). If you like you can see my information on this site under Allen Z. If you read my story you will see that I have had a relatively slow progression after the radiation treatments and have taken no further treatment (other than Finasteride which seems to be controversial depending on what study you read) and am now at 2.6PSA. I will consider Lupron when I get to 4.0 but not sure-will deicde if/when that level is attained.

Take Care,

Allen Z