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Hello Again,

I am going have a cystoscopy procedure this month. This is two years post a prostatectomy and one year after radiation therapy. My PSA's are
all undetectable, yet I continue to suffer with incontinence. I am looking for anyone who has had this procedure for your input and whether or not
there were any conclusions or additional treatment for the problem? Thank You

Re: Cystoscopy

Question....are you still doing kegels? After radical Prostatectomy we dont get to stop kegels but must continue them on.
Not saying a cystoscopy wont reveal if something is going on, it will. It will give you a clear view if there us something else there. Plus, you'll be able to see everything on the screen during the process.
Best of luck

Re: Cystoscopy

A cystoscopy is a very good diagnotic procedure. It may even help some people with thier problem, depending on what it is. I've had several cystoscopies and I'm having another one tomorrow. I have a "stricture" and the cystoscopy helps with that problem and also the doctor is able to see if there are any new issues. BTW, before my first cystoscopy, I researched it on the internet and was in great fear of having it. I almost cancelled it! However, I've found that my cystoscopies have been painless and are no big deal. Good luck and let us know how the procedure went.