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A month has gone by with no activity. Again I feel compelled to share one of my journal entries for review and comment:

Title: A Non-Too-Pertinent Exchange of E-mails Between Cyberspace Buddies

Dear Don:

It is hard to believe that it has been seven years since I contacted you regarding my prostate cancer, and your immediate and caring responses.

I continue to follow your blog to see how you are doing. Your attention to detail and dissecting of possible treatments regarding a recurrence are extremely helpful. I have been blessed to not see any rise in my PSA. It reached its nadir three years ago and sits at a very reassuring .02. The only side effect I have experienced is rectal bleeding which seems to be subsiding. I have not had an "episode" in a couple of months. My health is excellent and I attribute that to regular exercise. I have never smoked or consumed much alcohol, so I suspect that is paying dividends as I pass my 73rd year.

I am not sure if cancer survivors are more prone to attempting to recapture their youth than others, but I have launched off into a new physical regimen: Powerlifting. I became a member of USA Powerlifting in 2016. Even though it is a competitive sport, in reality you compete against yourself to continue to set personal records. I needed an activity that would motivate me to keep at it, even when I would much prefer a cup of coffee and a donut in the morning. Powerlifting filled the bill. I suspect I will compete in judged competition until I reach the Master V class (80-89 age group). Since that is seven years away, I have plenty of time to feel sorry for myself in the weightroom.
I had a life experience many years ago that challenged me emotionally. I good friend of mine who is a clinical psychologist dispensed some sound advice. He told me it was impossible not to think about the trauma, but I would find it much easier if I would set aside a certain time each day or week to let the emotions flow. Other than those times, I should strive to put the thoughts to bed and concentrate on living a good life. Having read your blogs for several years, I have come to the conclusion that you too do just that. You have handled the adversity with class and dignity.
I trust all is well with your family and you. You have been such a pleasure to communicate with.
Dear Les:
Great to hear from you!
It sounds as if you have fully benefited from the modern day miracle of PBRT.
My journal serves as my safety valve. Your psychologist friend would say its cathartic. It gives me considerable pleasure knowing that other PCa warriors struggling with this wretched disease find some of the material I produce helpful. Its a reciprocal blessing.
I have engaged in a variety of exercise programs over the years including weightlifting, racquetball, tennis and pickle-ball.
These activities have kept me in reasonable shape and provide a pleasant diversion from dealing with PCa.
My wife experienced some very debilitating mental and physical setbacks over the past few years, but we manage as best we can.
I much appreciate the update and your kind, thoughtful and supportive commentary.
Regards Don

There is something to be said for long term, long distance cyberspace relationships.
Stay tuned.

My entire journal is available at