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Test Results

Well my story started yesterday in February this year with a prostate infection so doctor put me antibiotics and said to call me back for psa test in 2 weeks, this psa turned out 12.1 he said not to worry as psa might be high because of the infection so I book for another psa test end of April which was also abnormal at 6.9, at this stage GP said to have mri scan to make sure what’s going on got a call 10 days later saying I had a abnormal area on scan so was booked to see urologist.
By this time it was 2nd June did dre which came back firm on left side same as showed on scan so said I needed biopsy and a scope to look in my bladder had these tests 11th and 12th of August’s the scope in bladder showed large prostate 85cc which was constructing my urine flow he said if the biopsy came back benign they could channel out the the prostate to help with the problem, 18 core biopsy next day I just received a copy of letter that was also sent to GP on this it says biopsy no evidence of malignancy so at this time I’m not sure what to think now, I’m back to see urologist tomorrow morning so will know more.

Regards Gary

Re: Test Results

Sorry should of said I’m from England, note sure if I said the right thing with biopsy all I know it was 18 needles.

Regards Gary

Re: Test Results

Gary; It would seem you hopefully have a good chance of not belonging to our group here of cancer "victims". Biopsy results, presence of infection, and prostate size all show good promise that you don't have cancer but BPH along with an infection. Never hurts to be cautious but as this site says, Don't panic. There s nothing for sure in this but both an infection , which seems the case with lowered numbers after treatment, and the large size of the prostate can easily account for elevated PSA results. It is uncommon to have your elevated PSA without something showing up in the biopsy if caused by cancer. I have read stories that show curing prostate infection is sometimes a longer ordeal than we hope for so you may still have that going on. Be cautious but be careful not to over react. Sadly there have been cases where treatment was administered for cancer with no cancer found after all was said and done. Not to scare anyone but treatment can be worse than the disease. Though life changing, it certainly doesn't carry the risk of death as the disease does however. Jon.

Re: Test Results

Hi Jon,

Thanks for the reply just got back from hospital they said they are going to keep an eye on my psa and said to book one in 2 months, they are doing one more test now looking for abnormal cells in my urine they have just sent off, they said with the other tests being clear it’s unlikely to show anything but all the same it’s got me worried again with the result.

Regards Gary