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Re: Penis volume and length reduction

First, I have to laugh... the topic got changed to Pencils volume... :P I'll change it back.

Second, I wholeheartedly agree with what's been said. Doctors allude to a lot of things but, don't, in my opinion, go into great detail with every possible and/or probable scenario that will or just may occur.

It took me several years to realize... am I shrinking? Not that I'm special. I'm just slow sometimes. I refused drugs. I just accept what has happened. I'm not married and don't have a 'partner'. But, I've definitely gotten smaller over the years. Lately, I've wondered... would a pump 'help'? Do I just need more "exercise"? :-) I don't know.

I think doctors are proponents for the services they offer. Back in the day, I checked out 3 options... surgery, seeds and proton therapy. I was 44 so, the decision was easy. Too young for anything but surgery unless I really wanted to risk re-occurrence.

Each doctor promised nerve sparing techniques and less side affects than another. They all touted the benefits of their solution over the others. Personally, back then, I would've gone for proton therapy... if it was a viable option for me, even more so today.

The one thing I've come to realize is... a man has to have a comfort level with the doctor performing whatever procedure they perform and the outcome he ultimately expects to receive.

The struggle for each man seems to be 1) ejaculation, 2) erection, 3) re-occurrence of the cancer, & 4) sex life afterwards. In effect... men are going to think with their dick and base their decision on the outcome they think will happen. What's new?

For example... I would read up on the options/procedures... take all I could stomach and then set the information down and process. When I could stand some more then I would research some more, take what I could stomach, set the information down and process. It's overwhelming. If the doctor sat you down and went over every minute detail he would risk freaking the patient out and losing them to another doctor, in my humble opinion.

Can you imagine the doctor saying... and, after all is said and done... your penis will be smaller... maybe 50% or more. How many men would get up and say... I want to find somebody who won't say that to me. Tickle my ear and make me feel good... that's what a man is ultimately looking for. And, the doctor's want the business...

Re: Penis volume and length reduction

Paul, I also refused meds. post-surgery despite the doctor inquiring at every PSA test-time...if I'd "like to resume my sex life." Was I supposed to feel odd not joining the "party?" I have my reasons. Sorry to disappoint you in being unable to let you bill me for further services.
I know I'm tired of dealing with urologists after years of testing and finally prostate removal.

As far as penile length, that seems to increase with time and exercise (wink) in may case flacid length. It was kind of shocking after surgery to barely protrude, with just the tip showing...being as incontinent as a baby after catheter was removed added to the OMG feeling.