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I had the robotic surgery a little over two years ago. All went well. Never needed a pad or diaper. Don't need the Viagra any more. Erections are back to normal. The issue is I've only had a few orgasms that even approached the intensity of what they used to be. I'm 63 and don't want to give up yet.

Any advice?

Re: Orgasm

Joseph; Read your post and thought to respond here. Sorry for your disappointment. Also sorry to say that this may be what things will be from here on for you. Like everything else associated with the results from treating this disease, orgasm experience is all over the board with some claiming better and some like you (and me) saying there is a lot missing. It might be that those of us who notice a negative difference were blessed with a heightened experience when we were whole so the difference is definitely noticeable. (just a theory of mine) At any rate it is NOT what it used to be alright! Orgasms have three sensations I think, all happening at one pleasurable moment. Two are physical in origin and one is mostly mentally induced. Surgery removes the origin of the two physical sensations and we are left with just the mental or nerve sensation part of the experience. I would also say that the "satisfied and fulfilled feeling of accomplishment" after the act is missing also. Just another of the things we are left to accept and deal with from treating this sadistic disease. Make note of what abilities you have left, not all have even that. Jon.

Re: Orgasm

Like a guy I used to know, who used to be heavy-set, then lost hundreds of pounds. In absence of eating all the things he used to, he'd buy his co-workers foods that he used to, ice cream, sugared pop, etc...lived vicariously, to the detriment of my waistline, but satisfied HIM.

What I'm getting at, is that I find some vicarious satisfaction by pleasing my wife....sexually...however I can in my impotent state. I'm not hearing any complaints, and in fact I find myself paying more attention to her needs than before the prostatectomy. Things are different but not completely...over. Who would think this whole odyssey would teach me to help my fellow-woman more?