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ADT Hormone Therapy Side Effects

Hi,I have an Elevated PSA 5 months after having my Prostate removed,and I am due to have Radiation soon,of course my Dr wants me to go on ADT as well,but the side effects have me VERY Worried about how they will affect my quality of Life.I am not sure I want to do that to my MIND and my BODY.My question to those who have been given those Lupron shots are,Honestly HOW BAD IS IT,and was it WORTH IT,Thanks

Re: ADT Hormone Therapy Side Effects

Yes, the side effects can be a bitch, but not nearly as much as is the alternative. You have to fight cancer with everything you've got, or not. Your choice.

Re: ADT Hormone Therapy Side Effects

Thanks for replying Larry,just seems that a strong possibility of weight gain,loss of bone,clinical depression,Dementia,confusion,etc will sure degrade my Life so I am hoping to delay ADT and hope that Radiation can buy me some time,before ADT ruins my quality of Life.I am also wondering if I can go the route of an Orchetomy to stop Hormone Growth.Thanks,and hope to hear from others.Feeling Bummed out because their are NO good options,assuming Radiation alone will not be enough.

Re: ADT Hormone Therapy Side Effects

As I mention in my story on this site I have had a prostatectomy, 37 daily sessions of pelvic radiotherapy and 30 months of hormone therapy. Although there are inevitably consequences in terms of loss of libido and sexual function, generally so far I haven't encountered any of the side effects you list. Of course I also recognise that every case is different.

The very eminent oncology professor who arranged my radiotherapy, mentioned in passing, that occasionally when surgery has ' failed ' sometimes a combination of radiotherapy and extended hormone therapy can result in a ' cure '. I still have PSA tests every 3 months, so while I'm not making any assumptions, I don't have any regrets whatsoever about going down the Rx and HT route.

By the way, I have also I have also recently accidentally had a partial orchiectomy during a complicated hernia repair and that's not without its complications either.

Best of luck with your decision but try to remain positive and bear in mind you can still very much enjoy life after Pca surgery, Rx and HT.

Re: ADT Hormone Therapy Side Effects

Thanks Lyn for the uplifting(comforting)comments,my case may very well require a 2.5 yr course of Lupron.Still hoping mine is contained to the prostrate bed,waiting on a Test Date,my PSA is .32,and it's been 5.5 months since surgery.Thanks

Re: ADT Hormone Therapy Side Effects

I asked one of my PCa buddies, Mike R., to respond to your recent entry because of his obvious qualifications and inclination to help. His response appears below:
"Kevin, I've been on Lupron for 6 years so I'll give you my experiences of effects and side effects. I work hard to stay fit and eat a healthy diet, so that may be part of my equation here. Until, last December, when I had a nasty concussion while playing basketball (at age 71) I was in maybe the best shape of my life. Lupon alone worked for me for 2 1/2 years. Until then, it knocked my PSA down, kept it down, and helped keep my bone scans and injection CAT scans clean. Once my PSA started to rise we added Zytiga to the mix and it has kept my PSA at the .04 level since then. I have not gained weight, gotten depressed or confused. I have wondered at times if dementia is setting in but my wife says "No way, you're just getting old." One possible side effect was losing my ability to have an erection but I think that was pretty well shot after I had my prostate out and then had 40 radiation treatments. Please keep in mind that every case is different. I wish you the best of luck as you continue on this tricky prostate survivor journey."
Best wishes Don O.

Re: ADT Hormone Therapy Side Effects

Thank-you Dan,and also Mike R.,nice to know it can be Manageable,and I guess Radiation alone,not enough?,So

Re: ADT Hormone Therapy Side Effects

Hi Kevin, I wonder how you are doing now that you have been on the HT a couple of months?